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Industrial Specialties

Synthetic Chain Fluid is a high temperature chain fluid formulated using virgin Group II (synthetic technology) base oils, which can be used at temperatures over 280°C. It is extremely stable at higher temperatures, having a viscosity index which maintains minimal viscosity change at elevated temperatures.

Synthetic Grinding Fluid is a fully synthetic water-soluble grinding fluid free from any sodium nitrates, chlorine or sulphur. The absence of any sticky residue makes the fluid particularly suitable for high speed grinding. Prevents wheel glazing or loading and provides good flushing ability. Synthetic Grinding Fluid contains advanced additive technology which contains vapor phase corrosion inhibitors to ensure excellent corrosion control and a special blend of synthetic lubricity improvers to ensure optimum wheel and blade life. It forms a stable blue solution tolerant of hard waters and with extremely low forming characteristics.

Thermal Clean 30 is a fluid incorporating chemical additives formulated for the cleaning of interior surfaces in oil-filled heat transfer systems. It was created to reduce the need for mechanical cleaning. Thermal Clean 30 loosens and removes carboneous deposits, products of oxidation, resins and gums from heaters, pipe work and process vessels. The fluid’s viscosity ensures easy introduction into heat transfer plants. Thermal Clean 30 was developed for Deojay after extensive work with detergent-type engine oils - which prevent sludging, lacquering and gumming by suspending contaminants in the oil in use in the form of fine particles. Thermal Clean 30 is a carefully formulated dispersant cleaner aimed at removing deposits that accumulate on heat-transfer surfaces after long or unusually severe service, and sends them into circulation: large particles are removed in filters, and small particles remain in suspension until removed during an oil change.

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