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Thermal Clean 30 is a fluid incorporating chemical additives formulated for the cleaning of interior surfaces in oil-filled heat transfer systems. It was created to reduce the need for mechanical cleaning. Thermal Clean 30 loosens and removes carboneous deposits, products of oxidation, resins and gums from heaters, pipe work and process vessels. The fluid’s viscosity ensures easy introduction into heat transfer plants. 

Thermal Clean 30 was developed for Deojay after extensive work with detergent-type engine oils - which prevent sludging, lacquering and gumming by suspending contaminants in the oil in use in the form of fine particles. Thermal Clean 30 is a carefully formulated dispersant cleaner aimed at removing deposits that accumulate on heat-transfer surfaces after long or unusually severe service, and sends them into circulation: large particles are removed in filters, and small particles remain in suspension until removed during an oil change.


Thermal Clean 30 is compatible with mineral oils and synthetic hydrocarbons, but should not be used with water-based products or phosphate esters. Thermal Clean 30 is added (at a proportion of 15 to 30% by volume) from 7 to 21 days before the oil is due to be changed. The system is left to operate normally, until the oil is drained off and replaced by fresh oil as usual. In a system where there has been severe thermal abuse, the products of the oil degradation can be coated onto hot surfaces so hard that they cannot be removed chemically and have to be dealt with by mechanical means. Where these deposits are ordinary products of oxidative degradation, Thermal Clean 30 is remarkably effective. During the cleaning period all filters (where applicable) must be monitored frequently in case they should become blocked with any loosened debris.

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