Deojay Petroleum (KZN) (Pty) Ltd was founded in July 1994 and is an independent privately owned oil company based in Durban specializing in the marketing and distribution of internationally branded lubricants including its own Deojay Brand range of Automotive and Industrial Lubricants.


Deojay can best be described as a proactive business currently providing lubricant solutions to the automotive and industrial market with a constant focus on its customer needs.

The direction and vision of Deojay Petroleum (KZN) (Pty) Ltd is guided by more than 38 years experience within the Petroleum Industry. Key strengths are customer service, technical support, 24 hour 7 days a week prompt delivery service and value added customer relationships.

The Deojay brand range of quality Automotive and Industrial Lubricants are manufactured and packaged by a privately owned BEE blend plant, Blendrite Chemicals (Pty) Ltd. This blend plant is equipped with the most modern facilities, officially registered as an ISO 9001:2000 company accredited by SABS. Therefore all grades within the Deojay range are blended using virgin base oils purchased from multi-national oil companies and internationally approved additives from ISO listed companies. Please note there are no refineries in South Africa who currently supply re-refined base oils.

Deojay lubricants based on the correct additives being used, in the correct quantities and blended in a modern ISO environment; performance levels meet and exceed specifications as stipulated by the various Original Equipment Builders (OEM).

Providing the correct lubricant is used in each item of equipment customers can be confident that Deojay branded lubricants will consistently satisfy their needs and expectations in terms of quality. Deojay Petroleum will in turn at all times guarantee the consistent quality of their recommended lubricants.

Deojay Petroleum looks beyond just the lubricant and its application ensuring that the right product, in the right quantities at the right price at the right time is supplied.

Finally the Deojay brand is a tried and tested brand having been in the market since 2004. Due to contractual requirements by Castrol, the brand was withdrawn from the market some 20 months ago. As these contractual requirements have now been withdrawn by Castrol, the Deojay Brand has been re-introduced at the request of customers who in the past were committed users of the Deojay Brand of Lubricants.

Behind the Deojay range of quality lubricants is a passion and dedication which ensures its customers of a committed after sales service supported with technical knowledge which spans 38 years of being in the industry.

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